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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading Incentive Scratch Cards!

Anytime I was given the opportunity to scratch and win, I took it. I do not play the lottery, but I did not hesitate to buy a scratch ticket on my 18th birthday! Scratch and Win is ALWAYS fun and I wanted to bring this into the classroom. I got this idea from pinterest and made it my own.

These are my "Reading Incentive" scratch cards!
Just place contact paper OVER cardstock paper, mix acrylic paint with dishwasher liquid. It will take a few layers of paint to cover the words completely!
I plan to pass out the incentive cards when students are performing beyond expectations such as doing extra enrichment activities, exceeding the reading goals, and always being prepared for reading class.

My prizes range from: Stickers, a Supply Baggie (fun school supplies), Bag of Book Worms (we looove candy!), V.I.P. seating in classroom, extra credit points, a homework pass, and the gift of a free book! Naturally some options have a higher chance of being picked, but the student is a winner every time!

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