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Friday, January 4, 2013

Paper Container

"Hall Pass" paper container

I never saw the purpose of buying paper just to scribble so and so to the library or please excuse so and so for being late to class...or for that matter to waste an entire sheet of paper to make a mini to-do I made these containers with a 12-pack diet coke container and they work really well!

Supplies needed: 12x12 scrapbook paper(one sheet), diet coke 12 pack, mod podge, paintbrush, scissors, tape(optional)
First, take your cola 12-pack fridge friendly container and trim it down to about 3-4" tall..this is how tall your basket will be! I chose to use packing tape to reinforce the bottom.

Next, place your trimmed cola container in the center of your 12x12 scrapbook paper sheet (face down)
Use mod podge to glue that sucker :)
Draw a straight line from the corners of the box to the edge of your paper, just do this on two sides (opposite sides) and cut on the lines. Soak the side of the box and your scrap paper with glue...

Fold over the paper and tuck inside the box :) You can see my lines weren't "perfect" but oh well!
Now let's work on the other two sides of the box. I folded the corners over like so (above) so when I wrap them around the box it looks nice! Be sure to add a generous amount of glue to the box and scrapbook paper!

In this picture I have already folded one side and glued it to the box (the back side) notice that I have a little scrapbook paper leftover on top? I will trim it!
be sure to make small cuts in the corners so you can fold the paper over into the inside of the box!....THEN trim the extra paper!

Paper is trimmed and ready to be will sort of remind you of wrapping a present at this point...or maybe even a Chinese carryout container?
I use a paper-cutter to make scrap paper to fit into these containers...perfect size for a quick "note to self" or "to do list" or hall pass!
Pretty! Inexpensive :)