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Monday, February 6, 2012

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

I got this idea while subbing at a middle school. The 6th graders were reading Roll of Thunder and their teacher played the role of narrator while assigning speaking roles to students. This works really well for this book! Later, I had the opportunity to use this in a classroom during a long-term subbing position.

Roll of Thunder "actor cards"

Students can either be randomly assigned a speaking role (using what I call their "actor cards") or volunteer for a speaking role. There are 12 chapters so plenty of opportunity for every student to have a chance to "act"! Simply place the "actor card" on the students desk during classroom reading. It helps to keep everything organized as well as keep the student on task!

Unfortunately I do not have these cards available for download, I lost the file :(
I do, however, have the list of chapters each character has a speaking role.

Stacey Logan: all
Papa Logan: 2, 7-12
Little Willie: 4,8
Little Man: all except ch. 5
Melvin Simms: 4, 10, 11
Mrs. Berry: Ch. 4
Sheriff: 11
Mae Turner: 4
Big Ma: all except 1 & 11
Mr. Granger: ch 7 & 8
Mama Logan: all except 5 and 11
Claude Avery: ch. 8
Mr. Barnett: ch. 5
R.W. Simms: ch. 10
Mr. Turner: Ch. 4
Kaleb Wallace: ch 4, 10, 11
Cassie Logan: all
Christopher-John: all except 5
Mr. Jamison: ch. 7,9,11,12
Mr. Grimes: ch. 3
Miss Crocker: ch 1 & 8
Mr. Morrison: 2, 4, 7-10, 12
Uncle Hammer: 6, 7, 10
Thurston Wallace: 11
Mr. Simms: 5, 8
Mr. Lanier: 2 & 9
May Lou: 1
Mrs. Silas Lanier: 2
T.J. Avery: all except 2 and 12
Jeremy Simms: 1,3,5,7-10,12
Mr. Avery: 2,3,9
Lillian Jean: 5,8
Mrs. Avery: 2, 11

I hope that covers everything :)


  1. I use this amazing book in my 5th grade class every year. I have yet to have even a single student dislike it! I LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing it! Do you have the cards available for download anywhere?

  2. The file was lost in my old just died on me. :( I have the hard copy if you want to know who speaks in each chapter? let me know!

  3. I would like the file as well! My 6th graders LOVE this book!!

    1. Hi Tina, I am so sorry, I lost this file with my old laptop.