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Friday, April 3, 2015

Playing Cards in English Class [Sentence Structure]

Remember playing the easy, yet frustrating card game "WAR"? Almost everyone seems to know the rules. Highest card wins! If there is a tie, then you battle it out with 3 more cards and flip over the new card on top. Who wins the battle? The highest card!

I took this simple game idea and merged it with our current topic in class--sentence structure. Since there are four types of sentences, there are four levels of cards. Simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. Obviously, the students need to be well-versed in sentence structure for this game, so it works wonders as a review for a test or a class activity.

The cards all consist of various sentence pulled from books out of our class library. Students works in pairs to identity the sentence structure as they flip over their top card. The teacher plays the role as referee--some of the cards are tricky! You can differentiate the game by allowing students to use their notes on structure, too!

If a particular class isn't quite ready for the card game, I also have the same cards placed into a digital review game with answers included on the next slide.

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