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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

During a long term position I got to read The Cay as a class. It's a really good read (for the 6th grade) and there was something I thought I would give a try NEXT time I get the opportunity to do this book in class.

I would plan on dividing the class into "Teams" and doing "Team Activities" throughout the book. Here is a preliminary plan for this novel unit (just team signs and activities for now!)

This is the overview of the Team Challenges

Team Signs, I plan to Laminate these and place them on their desk/tables before we begin the novel

More The Cay activities to come! I love this book!



  1. Sarah- I'm beginning my school year with The Cay! Do you have your Team signs available for purchase? Let me know

    1. Hello! I have attached the team signs in a PDF file to your email :) Enjoy! My kids loved doing team challenges for this book!

  2. Hi Sarah....would you be able to email me the challenges and team signs as well? We just started reading this and I love your idea of team challenges! Thank you!!!

    1. Darbie--I lost this file! I am so sorry! I guess I put too much trust in my flash drive.

  3. Is it possible that you still have the challenges and team signs?

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